Friday, September 02, 2005

relief effort / remixes

We raised some good money here in Utah for the katrina relief effort. Last I heard it was over $641,000 but it may be more than that now.
You can still donate online at the Redcross. I've heard we are going to house around 1000 people from Louisiana at one of the military bases here and I heard last night on the news that there may be a prison here that is being unused and has another 1000 or so beds that may be opened up for use. It just doesnt seem enough. I guess every bit helps though. I'm sure that $641,000 will go extremely quick. I hope the government gets in there and gets some stuff done.

I just heard that the donations are at over $800,000 now.. awesome!!

Just got back from Airwaves... handed in the remixes I did of Nine Inch Nails' song Only. It'd be cool if they played one of them on the air. If I win tickets that too would be cool but I'm definately not expecting it or worried about it.

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