Friday, September 30, 2005

Protesting 25 to Life

There was a protest outside my work on Monday over the game 25 to Life.
A cops daugther from Roosevelt wanted to protest the game since her dad was killed in the line of duty. Mark Shurtleff and other police families were at the protest.

Well they sent us home at noon on monday to avoid any mishaps..

I thought the whole thing was blown out of proportion and I think it was a way for Mark Shurtleff to get on TV...
Its really sad when people go off about things they know nothing about.. We are developing the game for Eidos. They came up with the content along with a company called Highway 1. We are just making the game as to their specifications, but people in the public can't grasp that concept. Anyway there is no way this game isn't going to go on the shelfs. Eidos has sunk millions into this and if a few dozen Utahns think that it isn't going on the shelf because of them they are sadly mistaken..
It's funny how Shurtleff said that they were postponing the game because he called the Eidos president. What a Joke.. it's being postponed cause it's not finished. It was going to get postponed whether this protest occured or not.

The game isn't as bad as Grand Theft Auto... I don't think.. That being said it is bloody. Kids should definatley not play the game.. That much is for certain but that is why we have ratings.. Parents need to be the parent and take the responsibility.. There are definately things in the media about the game that are not true. I keep hearing there are drive by shootings in the game that you can do... NOT True... The other thing is you hardly ever hear that you can play the cops killing the gang members... All the media is concerened is your killing cops.. How many other games out there do you kill cops in? I can think of several off the top of my head...

The thing that pissed me off about the protest was all the flag waiving and signs saying "take aim at avalanche" and crap like that.. I love police officers and I love america it's not like we are some damn nazis or something. That being said I think everyone has every right to protest the game, but please get your facts straight before going off.

Also If we did not take this contract we would have had to lay off like 30+ people. We didn't want to do that.

One more thing where is the media while we are making all our family friendly games? We have been doing that for years. yet there is never anything in the news about that. We are known for doing kids games.. but when we do one questionable game then they are all over us..

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