Thursday, September 01, 2005

Feast or Famine

Well I work in the video game industry and I'm either working tons of hours or have very little to do.. thankfully I have very little to do right now.

I brought a kid in the neighborhood in today to test a game. Chicken Little. Although we didn't need him he kept bugging me and my wife to come in cause some of his friends got to come in a few months back. I'm sure they were bragging about being able to test a video game. Kids.... So I told him we needed him although the game is done and at sony right now waiting to go gold. Anyway guess he had a good time. At least with school starting he can brag to his classmates about it. I know I would have when I was a kid in school.

A lot of craziness going on with the flooding and hurricane aftermath in Louisiana and Mississippi. I'm sure I'll donate some money here at some point. I probably need to wait another check before we do that.


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