Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Making a Full Size Halo Helmet

So I've started to make a full size Halo Helmet.. the CQB helmet..
Thought I'd track my process on this as I go..
This process can be used I think for anything you want to get a 3D model from computer to real life..
I have plans to make my own toys and things using this same process so we will see how it goes..

Step 1: Model something in your favorite 3D package... or find a model online..
Needs to be obj format (you can skip this step if you can find Pepakura files already made)

Step 2: What's Pepakura? It's a program that will import obj files and lays them out on paper adding tabs and fold lines to glue together to make a 3D model into a paper model...

Step 3: Get your supplies .. You'll need an x-acto knife, a cutting pad, a small metal ruler and glue.. The best glue I have found, which creates a quick bond is Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive.. it also had a very small tip which is really good for hitting a spot of glue on small tabs..

Step 4: Print out the pages onto cardstock..

Step 5: Cut out all the pieces.. on the printout you will have solid lines, dashed lines and dash dot dash lines... the solid lines are cuts.. I use the ruler on the straight pieces unless its a tab.. then I just cut eyeballing it..

and here is a piece

Step 6: Score the fold lines.. the dash lines are mountain folds.. and the dash dot dash lines are valley folds.. I score the mountain folds on the front of the piece and the valley folds from the backside..

Step 7: Glue it all together.. So find the matching numbers and glue those pieces together.. If you have a lot of pieces then it's helpful to have Pepakura open so you can find the shapes of the corresponding pieces.. otherwise it can be a nightmare finding the number.. in this case there were over 900 numbers to match up..

Start of gluing all the pieces together..

Here is a closeup of some of the numbers..

And finally here is the Helmet fully assembled..

So you can stop here.. try and paint it.. you can also use different colors of carstock or even print this out with textures...

I however am now going to take this and resin the outside, fiberglass the inside.. make padding and make a visor for this.. So I will update this thread when I get that done... I am also starting on a weapon... The biggest thing I have to wait for is getting the weather to warm up a bit.. and moving into my new house which is about 10 days away...

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Holly said...

Hey Todd, did the helmet turn out like you wanted? Curious to see pics?